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Student Academic Profiles

The MS in Data Science program is recruiting students with strong undergraduate backgrounds who have strong curiosity and technical aptitude. Successful students have come from a wide variety of different backgrounds.  Some of our students are recent graduates, while others have been working in their careers for a substantial amount of time.  Here are two common student profiles:

  • Data Science for X.  This student comes from a specific domain or industry and possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in that field. They recognize the value of data-driven decision-making in their industry and are motivated to learn data science to leverage the power of data for improved insights and outcomes. They may have backgrounds in fields such as healthcare, supply chain, marketing, or social sciences, and are eager to combine their domain expertise with data science techniques to drive innovation.
  • Tech Enthusiast. This student is characterized by a strong background in a quantitative field and/or coding. They may have experience in programming, mathematics, sciences, or statistics. Their passion for technology and data-driven solutions drives them to pursue a master's in data science to deepen their knowledge and gain expertise in the field. They are likely to excel in coding and/or technical problem-solving.  They also have a strong curiosity to look deeply into a problem and formulate a question that data science can answer.


Some Calculus and programming background (no specific language) is required.  Some introduction to probability and statistics is strongly recommended.  Multivariable calculus and Linear algebra are not required, but they are greatly helpful in the data science education.